Hook & Loop - Coins

Hook & Loop - Coins

100% Nylon with Clear Polyester Film Liner. Adhesive: Rubber-based permanent on one side. Application Temperate: - 18°C to 38°C. Service Temperature: -28°C to 101°C. Ideal for POP displays, sample books, exhibits and enclosures.

bestillingsnummerColortypediameter [mm]Pieces per Rollroles in the packpris/pakke/stkpris/stk
472459WhiteHook12,71400 stk24457 NOK714 NOK
472467WhiteLoop12,71400 stk24457 NOK714 NOK
472455BlackHook12,71400 stk24457 NOK714 NOK
472463BlackLoop12,71400 stk24457 NOK714 NOK
472461WhiteHook19,11028 stk18566 NOK885 NOK
472469WhiteLoop19,11028 stk18566 NOK885 NOK
472457BlackHook19,11028 stk18566 NOK885 NOK
472465BlackLoop19,11028 stk18566 NOK885 NOK
472462WhiteHook22,2900 stk18534 NOK835 NOK
472470WhiteLoop22,2900 stk18534 NOK835 NOK
472458BlackHook22,2900 stk18534 NOK835 NOK
472466BlackLoop22,2900 stk18534 NOK835 NOK

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