Arrow Clips

Arrow Clips

Material: Natural Nylon 6.6. Resistant to vibration, abrasion and corrosion. Easy to install by pushing. Good insulation properties.

bestillingsnummerPanel Hole Dia.dimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
Panel ThicknessDh1Hd
4603872,16-2,290,81-2,723,180,764,752,721000 stk1,4 NOK2,3 NOK
4603883-3,101,57-3,187,111,529,913,711000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4603893,02-3,431,58-3,186,861,018,383,561000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4603903,84-4,091,57-3,187,111,029,914,981000 stk1,8 NOK2,4 NOK
4603913,84-4,091,57-3,687,112,0310,164,571000 stk1,8 NOK2,4 NOK
4603924,06-4,190,81-3,187,112,0310,164,721000 stk1,1 NOK1,7 NOK
4603934,62-4,881,57-3,189,141,5210,165,721000 stk1,5 NOK2,4 NOK
4603944,62-4,884,19-4,709,531,5213,335,231000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4603954,62-4,887,87-8,389,41,5213,725,721000 stk1,8 NOK2,4 NOK
4603965,41-5,661,57-3,189,41,5211,435,721000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4603975,41-5,663,18-4,759,41,5213,726,31000 stk1,5 NOK2,5 NOK
4603986,35-6,573,18-6,3512,71,27167,121000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4603996,35-6,609,14-9,6515,621,6520,577,261000 stk3,8 NOK6,2 NOK
4604008,38-8,643,18-8,8817,450,7522,749,41000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
4604018,51-8,761,57-3,56221,2711,439,221000 stk4,4 NOK7,2 NOK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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