Snap Latches

Snap Latches

Plunger: Nylon 6. Grommet: Polycarbonate. Allow repeated release and fixing for maintenance work to be carried out. Snap into panel or hole with easy push action. Table 1 - Plunger. Table 2 - Grommet.

bestillingsnummertypedimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stkUsed with a grommet
BlackWhitePanel Thickness THole Size d1BlackNatural
46279446280411,9-4,27,61000 stk1,9 NOK2 NOK3,3 NOK
46279546280521,9-4,27,61000 stk2,1 NOK2,2 NOK3,6 NOK
46279746280713,0-5,27,61000 stk1,9 NOK2 NOK3,3 NOK
46279846280831,9-4,261000 stk2,1 NOK2,2 NOK3,6 NOK
46279946280933,0-5,261000 stk2,1 NOK2,2 NOK3,6 NOK

bestillingsnummerdimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
BlackWhitePanel Thickness THole Size d2Dh1L
4628004628101,5810,829,81000 stk2 NOK3,3 NOK
462801-2,5810,8210,91000 stk2 NOK3,3 NOK
4628024628121,56,48,51,86,81000 stk2,2 NOK3,6 NOK
4628034628132,56,48,51,86,81000 stk2,2 NOK3,6 NOK

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