Universal Bushes

Universal Bushes

Black Nylon. Effortless snap-fit into panels. Protect against rough hole edges. Ideal for wire, cable and irregular-shapes items.

Material: Black Nylon
bestillingsnummerdimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
Mounting Hole DiaMax. Panel ThicknessMax.Internal diameterDh
46592412,71,67,615,26,41000 stk2,3 NOK3,7 NOK
46592012,73,27,615,29,81000 stk2,3 NOK4,4 NOK
46684712,76,47,615,213,81000 stk3,4 NOK3,9 NOK
11053415,93,211,118,210,31000 stk1,8 NOK3,4 NOK
46592515,91,611,118,56,31000 stk2,4 NOK4 NOK
46684815,96,411,118,3141000 stk2,6 NOK5,2 NOK
110535193,212,721,89,91000 stk2,3 NOK3,8 NOK
466849196,412,721,4141000 stk3,4 NOK5,7 NOK
46592619,11,612,721,86,31000 stk3,4 NOK5,6 NOK
11053620,63,212,722,69,91000 stk3,2 NOK5,2 NOK
46592722,21,614,223,86,31000 stk3,6 NOK7,1 NOK
11053722,23,214,223,811,51000 stk2,5 NOK4,2 NOK
46685022,26,414,323,8141000 stk3,9 NOK6,3 NOK
11053825,43,21926,911,51000 stk3 NOK4,9 NOK
46684625,41,6192711,51000 stk4,4 NOK7,3 NOK
46685125,46,41927141000 stk4,5 NOK7,3 NOK
11053927,83,220,629,311,51000 stk3,2 NOK5,2 NOK
46685227,86,420,629,4141000 stk5,2 NOK8,3 NOK
46592234,93,225,437,811,5500 stk7,7 NOK11 NOK
46685334,96,425,437,814,3500 stk7,1 NOK12 NOK
46592338,13,226,940,911,4500 stk7,2 NOK12 NOK
46685438,16,426,940,914,3500 stk7,7 NOK13 NOK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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