Diaphragm Grommets

Diaphragm Grommets

Black PVC. Thin central film can be pierced to allow a range of diferent-sized wires to pass throught.

bestillingsnummertypedimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
1942611911161,55,85000 stk1,5 NOK2,4 NOK
19427121,512,5162,485000 stk1,8 NOK3,6 NOK
19428125,515,5191,585000 stk2,8 NOK3,8 NOK
15512125,415,91927,92500 stk2,1 NOK2,8 NOK
10134125,515,5192,48,85000 stk1,8 NOK3,6 NOK
19429125,515,51939,55000 stk1,9 NOK3,1 NOK
10187125,515,5201,582500 stk2 NOK3,1 NOK
10806136,51925,52,48,42000 stk3,9 NOK6,4 NOK
1943013925,5322,482000 stk3,9 NOK6,3 NOK
1943113925,53249,51000 stk4,5 NOK7,4 NOK
19432212,76,49,91,56,710000 stk0,95 NOK1,5 NOK
19433215,79,512,51,56,410000 stk1 NOK1,6 NOK
19434217,58111,5810000 stk1,3 NOK2 NOK
1943521911161,585000 stk1,1 NOK2,1 NOK
19436225,518,8221,584000 stk2,2 NOK3,6 NOK
19437225,516191,574000 stk2,1 NOK3,3 NOK
19438225,516201,574000 stk1,5 NOK2,5 NOK
1943923020,525,51,582000 stk2 NOK3,1 NOK
19442*24931422,410,11000 stk5,1 NOK8,2 NOK


Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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