Tapered Caps/Plugs - Large Flange Range

Tapered Caps/Plugs - Large Flange Range

RED LDPE. Large flange for greater protection and easy removal.

bestillingsnummerdimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
124327,69,37,76,39,518,410000 stk0,47 NOK0,73 NOK
1243310,712,310,79,19,52210000 stk1 NOK1,6 NOK
1042011,313,211,69,8112910000 stk0,82 NOK1 NOK
1243413,515,513,211,49,5305000 stk1,3 NOK1,8 NOK
1834913,615,413,812,211,122,28000 stk0,82 NOK1,1 NOK
1835114,716,915,413,212,725,46000 stk1,3 NOK1,8 NOK
1243517,52018,516,114,334,93000 stk0,47 NOK0,82 NOK
1835619,121,519,917,614,338,12500 stk1,3 NOK2,2 NOK
1243621,9252218,917,5481500 stk1,8 NOK3,6 NOK
12134*22,525,323,520,817,355,43000 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
1835724,727,726,123,219,138,11500 stk2,2 NOK3,6 NOK
1243730,433,630,727,815,247,31400 stk3,1 NOK5 NOK
1836031,134,432,829,819,147,61000 stk3,8 NOK5,2 NOK
1243833,337,235,63222,250,8800 stk3,3 NOK5,5 NOK
1243936,940,6393522,554,2800 stk2,3 NOK3,8 NOK
1836241,444,84339,71957,2700 stk3,4 NOK5,7 NOK
1244147,251,948,744,52472400 stk3,3 NOK5,4 NOK
1836648,352,750,746,325,463,51200 stk4,9 NOK8 NOK
1836851,554,15249,618,566,7500 stk5,7 NOK11 NOK
1837355615952,52576,7300 stk6,9 NOK11 NOK
183746266,464,3592883250 stk5,2 NOK8,6 NOK

* Supplied with vent hole.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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