Wing Knobs

Wing Knobs

Black Nylon. Zinc- plated steel threaded studs for strength. Provide a simple means of adjusting and fixing. Ideal for use in shopfitting and point-of-sale applications.

bestillingsnummerThreaddimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
WingStud Length
KTSW-28M05M15M52815500 stk13 NOK21 NOK
KTSW-28M05M25M52825500 stk15 NOK25 NOK
KTSW-28M06M10M62810500 stk14 NOK23 NOK
KTSW-28M06M25M62825500 stk14 NOK23 NOK
KTSW-33M08M25M83325300 stk23 NOK38 NOK
KTSW-33M08M35M833351000 stk22 NOK37 NOK

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