Support Hooks

Support Hooks

Copper-drawn Iron Wire. Suitable for supporting loads during paint finishing, surface tretment and material handling etc. Reusable.

bestillingsnummertypeWire DiameterHook Lengthstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
46051710,9605000 stk0,69 NOK0,82 NOK
46051811,5605000 stk0,69 NOK2,3 NOK
46051911,5755000 stk0,69 NOK2,2 NOK
46052011,51005000 stk0,69 NOK2,3 NOK
46052111,51505000 stk0,77 NOK2,2 NOK
46052212605000 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
46052312755000 stk0,77 NOK2,2 NOK
460524121002500 stk0,82 NOK2,3 NOK
460525121502500 stk2,2 NOK2,3 NOK
460526122002500 stk2,3 NOK2,2 NOK
460527131001250 stk2,3 NOK2,2 NOK
460528131501250 stk1,6 NOK2,8 NOK
460529221002500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
460530221502500 stk2,2 NOK1,6 NOK
460531222001250 stk1,8 NOK2,3 NOK
460532231001250 stk1,4 NOK2,8 NOK
46053323200625 stk2,5 NOK4,1 NOK
46053431,51002500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
46053532602500 stk0,77 NOK2,2 NOK
46053632752500 stk10 NOK1,5 NOK
460537321002500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
460538321502500 stk1,1 NOK8,8 NOK
460539322501250 stk2,3 NOK2,2 NOK
460540421002500 stk0,86 NOK2,2 NOK
460541421502500 stk1,1 NOK1,7 NOK
460542431001250 stk1,8 NOK2,4 NOK
46054343150625 stk2,2 NOK3 NOK
46054443200625 stk2,2 NOK3,5 NOK
46296950,9605000 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
46297050,91005000 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
46297151,5752500 stk0,77 NOK1,5 NOK
46297251,51002500 stk0,77 NOK1,5 NOK
46297351,51502500 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
462974521001250 stk1,1 NOK1,6 NOK
462975521501250 stk1,1 NOK1,7 NOK
462976522001250 stk1,8 NOK2,3 NOK
46297753100625 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
46297853150625 stk1,5 NOK2,5 NOK
46297953200625 stk2,5 NOK4,1 NOK
46298053250625 stk2,8 NOK4,6 NOK
46298160,9605000 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
46298260,91005000 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
46298361,5752500 stk0,52 NOK0,86 NOK
46298461,51002500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
46298561,51502500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
462986621002500 stk0,86 NOK1,8 NOK
462987621501250 stk0,77 NOK2,2 NOK
462988622001250 stk0,82 NOK1,5 NOK
462989631001250 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
46299063150625 stk2,3 NOK3,7 NOK
46299163200625 stk1,8 NOK2,8 NOK
46299263250625 stk2,3 NOK3,7 NOK

Please note that measurements may vary by up to 5mm according to lenght and/ or diameter.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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