High Temperature Plugs

High Temperature Plugs

Natural Silicone Rubber. Type 1. Recommended for plating, anodising, spray painting & other finishing applications. Excellent sealing capacity. Ideal for plain and threaded holes. High temperature resistance. Type 2. Cost-effective solution for larger sizes due to hollowed centre. More flexible than solid plugs allowing easier application.

bestillingsnummertypeFor threaddimensjonerstk per pakkepris/pakke/stkpris/stk
4614931---1,60,415,910000,6 NOK0,73 NOK
4614941M2--20,519,110000,3 NOK0,6 NOK
413211M2--3,20,815,910000,6 NOK0,73 NOK
413221M3--3,21,615,910000,6 NOK0,6 NOK
413231M3,M4--4,81,615,910000,69 NOK1 NOK
4614951M3,M4--4,81,619,110000,52 NOK0,77 NOK
4614961M3,M4,M5--5,51,238,110001 NOK1,6 NOK
413241M5,M61/4"-6,43,219,110000,6 NOK1,3 NOK
4614971M5,M61/4"-6,43,225,410001 NOK1,6 NOK
413251M7,M85/8"1/16"8,74,815,910001,3 NOK1,8 NOK
4614981M7,M85/8"1/16"8,74,825,410001,7 NOK2,8 NOK
4614991M103/8"1/8"9,56,412,71001,3 NOK2,2 NOK
4615001M103/8"1/8"9,56,419,11001,5 NOK2,6 NOK
4615011M127/16"-11,18,717,51002,2 NOK3,6 NOK
430081M10,M123/8"1/8"11,16,425,45002,3 NOK4,4 NOK
413271M127/16"-129185002,5 NOK4 NOK
4615021M10,M12,M147/16"1/2"9/16"1/4"14,37,928,61003,8 NOK7,5 NOK
4615031M10,M12,M14-||-1/4"14,37,925,41004,1 NOK6,8 NOK
413281M14,M161/2"9/16"-15,110,325,41004,6 NOK7,5 NOK
4615041M14,M169/16"5/8"3/8"15,911,122,21004,2 NOK6,8 NOK
413291M165/8"3/8"16,712,725,42005,2 NOK8,6 NOK
4615051M14,M16,M185/8"3,8"17,511,125,41005,1 NOK8,3 NOK
4615061M18,M203/4"-19,114,314,31004,1 NOK6,7 NOK
413301M18,M203/4"-19,114,325,41004,4 NOK7,2 NOK
413311M203/4"1/2"19,815,925,41005,4 NOK8,8 NOK
4615071M20,M223/4"1/2"20,315,915,91005,1 NOK8,3 NOK
4615081M22,M247/8"-23,519,119,11007,6 NOK12 NOK
413141M22,M247/8"-23,818,325,41009,1 NOK15 NOK
413321M22,M241"3/4"25,419,825,410011 NOK18 NOK
413331M27--272325,410014 NOK23 NOK
413341M301 1/8"-27,923,825,410014 NOK22 NOK
413351M331 1/4"-31,826,225,410017 NOK29 NOK
413361M331 1/4",1 3/8"1"33,42725,410020 NOK33 NOK
4615091M361 3/8"-36,530,225,410021 NOK35 NOK
4615101M391 1/2"-38,931,825,410024 NOK39 NOK
4615111M39,M421 1/2"1 1/4"41,333,325,410028 NOK46 NOK
4615121M42-1 1/4"42,935,725,410031 NOK51 NOK
4615131M48--4,537,325,410033 NOK55 NOK
4615141M48-1 1/2"4638,125,410035 NOK58 NOK
4615151--1 1/2"5041,325,45041 NOK68 NOK
4615161M56--52,444,525,45046 NOK75 NOK
4615171M56--5647,625,45051 NOK85 NOK
4615181M64-2"62,75025,45054 NOK84 NOK
4615191M64-2"63,55425,45058 NOK91 NOK
4615201---68,357,925,45065 NOK101 NOK
4615211--2 1/2"7561,934,950106 NOK166 NOK
4615221--3"88,976,238,110166 NOK260 NOK
4615231---101,682,638,110206 NOK322 NOK
4615241--4"12788,950,85377 NOK590 NOK
1100602-1 1/2"-3931255019 NOK32 NOK
1100612M42,M45-1 3/8"4336255024 NOK39 NOK
1100622---4638255029 NOK47 NOK
1100632---5345252534 NOK57 NOK
1100642M60,M62--6350252541 NOK68 NOK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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