Flange Covers

Flange Covers

Yellow Flexible Polyethylene. Ideal for protecting internally-coated flanges. Provide complete all-round flange protection. Cover ANSI B 16.5, DIN 2631-2635 and BS4504. Easy to fit. Durable and flexible. Also protect bolt holes. Suit all types of flange faces.

bestillingsnummerdiameter [mm]Series Pressure Group (Bar)dimensjonerAntall i pakken.pris/pakke/stkPris pr stk
34278DN 10675101000 stk30 NOK33 NOK
34281DN 1025,49014750 stk34 NOK37 NOK
34279DN 1568010750 stk40 NOK44 NOK
34282DN 1510,169512250 stk41 NOK45 NOK
110318*DN 1525,495,214,2500 stk8,9 NOK9,8 NOK
110317*DN 2069012750 stk8,3 NOK9,1 NOK
31996DN 2010,1610514400 stk43 NOK47 NOK
32259DN 2025,410516450 stk36 NOK40 NOK
110319*DN 256100,212,2250 stk9,8 NOK11 NOK
31967DN 2510,1611514400 stk43 NOK47 NOK
32260DN 2525,411516350 stk44 NOK48 NOK
32261DN 326,112012400 stk40 NOK44 NOK
31968DN 32-14014300 stk49 NOK53 NOK
32264DN 321614016250 stk51 NOK55 NOK
32262DN 40613011350 stk55 NOK60 NOK
32265DN 4010,1615013250 stk63 NOK69 NOK
110322*DN 40-150,515250 stk21 NOK23 NOK
34304DN 4025,415017200 stk55 NOK60 NOK
32263DN 50614011300 stk56 NOK61 NOK
32267DN 5010,1616515200 stk65 NOK71 NOK
31970DN 5025,416517175 stk66 NOK72 NOK
32266DN 65616011250 stk50 NOK55 NOK
31971DN 6510,1618515150 stk68 NOK74 NOK
32268DN 6525,418519125 stk69 NOK76 NOK
32269DN 80619013175 stk68 NOK75 NOK
31972DN 8010,1620017100 stk98 NOK107 NOK
32270DN 8025,420021100 stk98 NOK107 NOK
32271DN 100621013125 stk98 NOK107 NOK
31973DN 10010,1622017100 stk101 NOK111 NOK
32272DN10025,42352175 stk104 NOK114 NOK
32273DN 125624015100 stk93 NOK101 NOK
31921DN 12510,162501975 stk99 NOK108 NOK
32275DN 12525,42702360 stk134 NOK147 NOK
32274DN 150626515100 stk132 NOK144 NOK
31915DN 15010,162851960 stk137 NOK150 NOK
34283DN 15025,43002550 stk139 NOK153 NOK
31916DN 20063201760 stk145 NOK159 NOK
32310DN 20010,163402145 stk149 NOK163 NOK
34286DN 200253602730 stk192 NOK210 NOK
34288DN 200403753125 stk160 NOK249 NOK
34287DN 25063751940 stk156 NOK170 NOK
34289DN 250103952325 stk160 NOK176 NOK
32311DN 250164052325 stk213 NOK234 NOK
34290DN 250254252915 stk221 NOK242 NOK
34292DN 250404503515 stk228 NOK249 NOK
34291DN 30064401825 stk316 NOK347 NOK
31922DN 300104452220 stk222 NOK243 NOK
32312DN 300164602420 stk368 NOK404 NOK
31874DN 300254853015 stk379 NOK415 NOK
34295DN 300405153816 stk394 NOK432 NOK
34294DN 35064901820 stk396 NOK434 NOK
32320DN 350105052220 stk424 NOK464 NOK
34296DN 350165202620 stk390 NOK427 NOK
34298DN 350255553420 stk545 NOK597 NOK
34297DN 40065401820 stk396 NOK434 NOK
32321DN 400105652220 stk405 NOK443 NOK
34299DN 400165802820 stk417 NOK457 NOK
32276DN 400256203610 stk452 NOK495 NOK
32278DN 400406604610 stk822 NOK901 NOK
32322DN 500106702410 stk814 NOK891 NOK
32281DN 500167153010 stk712 NOK780 NOK
32282DN 500257304010 stk1089 NOK1192 NOK
31942DN 50040749,34610 stk741 NOK812 NOK

* Injection - moulded flange cover

bestillingsnummerdiameter [mm]Series Pressure Group (lbs)dimensjonerAntall i pakken.Price for
package (stk)
Pris pr stk
318361/2"15088,911,2750 stk41 NOK45 NOK
110318*1/2"300/400/60095,214,2500 stk8,9 NOK9,8 NOK
342581/2"900/1500120,622,3300 stk45 NOK50 NOK
319653/4"300/400/600117,315,7400 stk40 NOK44 NOK
318963/4"900/150013025,4250 stk50 NOK55 NOK
110320*1"15010814,2200 stk11 NOK12 NOK
319381"300/400/60012417,5300 stk45 NOK49 NOK
318911"900/1500149,328,4150 stk53 NOK58 NOK
342603/4"300/400/600133,419100 stk55 NOK61 NOK
110321*1 1/2"15012717,5300 stk19 NOK20 NOK
318861 1/2"300155,420,6120 stk65 NOK71 NOK
322841 1/2"400/600155,422,4175 stk55 NOK61 NOK
318921 1/2"900/1500177,831,7100 stk70 NOK77 NOK
110323*2"150152,419,1100 stk19 NOK21 NOK
110324*2"300165,522,5150 stk25 NOK27 NOK
322852"400/600165,125,4125 stk67 NOK73 NOK
322932"900/1500215,938,150 stk105 NOK115 NOK
323132 1/2"150177,822,4100 stk68 NOK74 NOK
318882 1/2"300190,525,4100 stk77 NOK84 NOK
318902 1/2"400/600190,528,475 stk79 NOK87 NOK
317663"150190,523,9100 stk71 NOK78 NOK
318673"300209,528,475 stk101 NOK111 NOK
322863"400/600209,531,875 stk86 NOK94 NOK
322943"900241,338,140 stk108 NOK119 NOK
342623 1/2"150215,923,975 stk93 NOK102 NOK
342633 1/2"300228,630,21 stk96 NOK106 NOK
342643 1/2"400/600228,635,150 stk106 NOK116 NOK
317634"150228,623,975 stk105 NOK115 NOK
318684"30025431,750 stk134 NOK147 NOK
322874"600273,138,135 stk137 NOK150 NOK
342655"15025423,960 stk121 NOK133 NOK
342665"300279,43535 stk145 NOK159 NOK
342675"600330,244,525 stk198 NOK217 NOK
317606"150279,425,450 stk137 NOK150 NOK
318696"300317,536,530 stk149 NOK163 NOK
322966"600355,647,820 stk225 NOK246 NOK
318708"150342,928,430 stk152 NOK166 NOK
318718"30038141,120 stk164 NOK180 NOK
322988"600419,155,610 stk309 NOK338 NOK
3187210"150406,430,220 stk212 NOK232 NOK
3187310"300444,547,712 stk230 NOK252 NOK
3230010"60050863,510 stk467 NOK511 NOK
3187412"1504853015 stk379 NOK415 NOK
3187512"300520,750,810 stk401 NOK439 NOK
3230112"600558,866,512 stk424 NOK464 NOK
3187614"150533,435,110 stk401 NOK439 NOK
3184714"300584,253,810 stk2,5 NOK2,8 NOK
3426814"600603,369,910 stk698 NOK765 NOK
3187716"150596,936,610 stk442 NOK484 NOK
3187816"300647,757,110 stk480 NOK526 NOK
3427016"600685,876,210 stk976 NOK1069 NOK
3187918"15063539,610 stk464 NOK509 NOK
3188018"300711,260,410 stk1050 NOK1149 NOK
3427218"60074382,610 stk760 NOK833 NOK
3188120"150698,542,910 stk704 NOK771 NOK
3188220"300774,763,510 stk1293 NOK1416 NOK
3427420"600812,888,98 stk1502 NOK1646 NOK
3194222"150749,34610 stk741 NOK812 NOK
3194324"150812,847,810 stk769 NOK843 NOK
3208824"300914,469,85 stk1813 NOK1986 NOK
3427624"600930986 stk1946 NOK2132 NOK

* Injection-moulded flange cover

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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