Ribbed Pipe Caps

Ribbed Pipe Caps

LDPE. Injection-moulded caps with internal ribs. Wide range - from 8 mm to 1642 mm inside diameter. Meet ANSI and DIN specification. There is a wide range of sizes, but for convenience are referred to the web, looking for a dimension that is not in the table, please contact us!

bestillingsnummerdiameter [mm]dimensjonerColorpris/stk
34098-10,013,0Grey2,8 NOK
12773-10,216,0Smith Red0,43 NOK
12774-12,016,0Smith Red0,3 NOK
462573-12,715,0Black1 NOK
341011/4"13,713,0Grey2,9 NOK
34102-14,013,0Grey2,4 NOK
34103-15,013,0Grey2,5 NOK
12775-15,020,0Smith Red0,47 NOK
34104-16,013,0Grey2,5 NOK
12776-16,020,0Smith Red1,3 NOK
341053/8"17,213,0Grey2,6 NOK
34106-18,013,0Grey2,8 NOK
12849-18,020,0Smith Red1,8 NOK
34108-20,020,0Grey5,1 NOK
12777-20,020,0Smith Red1,8 NOK
34110-22,020,0Grey3,7 NOK
12850-22,020,0Smith Red2,4 NOK
34111-24,020,0Grey3,8 NOK
34112-25,020,0Grey4,1 NOK
12779-25,020,0Smith Red1,8 NOK
34113-26,020,0Grey4 NOK
34115-28,020,0Grey5,1 NOK
12780-28,026,5Smith Red3,3 NOK
12846-30,026,5Smith Red3,7 NOK
34118-32,030,0Grey5,1 NOK
12956-32,026,8Yellow3,4 NOK
462574-35,028,0Black2,8 NOK
341120-35,030,0Grey5,8 NOK
12781-35,026,5Smith Red2,4 NOK
34121-38,030,0Grey6,6 NOK
12782-38,027,0Smith Red4,4 NOK
462575-38,128,0Black2,3 NOK
12616-39,325,0Yellow6,2 NOK
34123-40,030,0Grey6,6 NOK
12957-40,026,7Yellow4,1 NOK
34124-41,530,0Grey6,9 NOK
12783-41,527,0Smith Redtel.
34128-50,030,0Grey8,8 NOK
462576-50,829,0Black6,6 NOK
34130-51,030,0Grey9 NOK
34131-52,030,0Grey12 NOK
462577-54,036,0Black6,4 NOK
341321 3/4"54,030,0Grey12 NOK
12982-54,027,8Smith Red3,7 NOK
34134-57,030,0Grey10 NOK
34135-59,030,0Grey12 NOK
34138-63,530,0Grey13 NOK
12617-63,529,0Yellow8,9 NOK
34139-66,530,0Grey14 NOK
34141-70,030,0Grey13 NOK
34142-73,030,0Grey17 NOK
34143-75,030,0Grey13 NOK
12618-75,031,0Yellow13 NOK
34145-77,030,0Grey14 NOK
462581-78,032,0Black8 NOK
34146-82,030,0Grey17 NOK
34149-83,030,0Grey17 NOK
34150-85,040,0Grey19 NOK
34153-90,040,0Grey18 NOK
12959-92,034,5Yellow14 NOK
462584-92,432,0Yellow9 NOK
10076-94,040,0Smith Redtel.
34155-95,040,0Grey21 NOK
12633-95,533,0Yellow13 NOK
462858-96,539,0Smith Red9 NOK
462586-100,340,0Smith Redtel.
34162-104,040,0Grey23 NOK
34165-108,040,0Grey23 NOK
34166-110,040,0Grey35 NOK
12960-110,034,6Smith Red18 NOK
34167-111,040,0Grey35 NOK
34172-125,040,0Grey40 NOK
12619-125,035,0Yellow19 NOK
12961-125,034,1Yellow27 NOK
31702-133,040,0Grey38 NOK
12620-137,035,0Yellow29 NOK
316355"141,340,0Grey42 NOK
8030835 1/2"152,447,0Yellowtel.
31712-159,040,0Grey45 NOK
31715-160,040,0Grey47 NOK
31638-177,840,0Grey55 NOK
31717-185,040,0Grey89 NOK
31707-193,740,0Grey62 NOK
34183-200,040,0Grey61 NOK
34185-210,040,0Grey72 NOK
341889 1/2"242,050,0Grey108 NOK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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