Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Outer Sleeve: Grey Silicone. Inner Sleeve: 6 Micron Calcium Silicate Yarn. Premium Protection Cover for cables, hydraulic leads and rubber hose lines. Provides protection against high temperatures, radiation heat, direct flames and liquid metal splashes. Inner sleeve has good insulation properties, 700°C service temperature. Smooth and thick extruded silicone auter cover. Keeps shape well allowing easy application onto straight hoses, pipes and cables.

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve
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5661010257166 NOK448 NOK
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56625252510796 NOK675 NOK
56628282511365 NOK711 NOK
56630302512191 NOK763 NOK
56632322512705 NOK795 NOK
56635352513695 NOK856 NOK
56640402517121 NOK1072 NOK
56650502519911 NOK1246 NOK
56660602533212 NOK2079 NOK

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